Ashley-Anne Masters

AAM blogA space for thoughts, ramblings, and sermons of a hospital chaplain, pastor, campus minister, non profit director, and freelance writer who calls the Carolinas and Chicago home. While I process a lot of my clinical work through writing, you will not see specific names and personal data, as I take HIPAA regulations rather seriously. Anything not protected by HIPAA or common courtesy is fair game, though.

Special thanks to the beauty of the Island of Patmos for my header photo taken after dinner the time we were stranded overnight due to high winds. Lest you think that is all kinds of glorious and I have the best luck ever, I was one of the adult leaders on a youth Footsteps of Paul trip, and perhaps one day I’ll tell you about my quest to find 25 toothbrushes on a tiny Greek island.

On the way to Patmos, I was savored the salty bright blue goodness of the Aegean Sea from the back of our Hydrofoil boat. It’s a good thing I savored when I did, as the rhythms of the hydrofoil and the waves got the best of some of those precious teenagers, and I was the adult they came to in their time of need. I’m not sure if motion sickness, meeting with monks, a quest for public restrooms, and sharing one tube of toothpaste on an unexpected overnight stay is what John had in mind when he wrote Revelation, but that’s how we roll.

Feel free to use any reflections or ideas you find here, but please give credit where credit is due. Cool kids don’t plagiarize. Why do I say this? Because I received an email-from someone I don’t know-informing me that her pastor had used one of my posts in a sermon stating it was their own.  Said church member was shocked to find an identical post on my blog from a few days prior to said sermon. And that’s just awkward for everyone. One of the best things we do as a connectional society is share resources, so let’s keep that up, one footnote at a time. Many thanks.


  1. Dear Ashley-Ann, I am so happy that Brandi shared your blog with me…I have just re-read your book to have a chance to feel closer to Carol, and it worked….I opened the paper on Sunday and the cover story is a profile of Joe Stephenson and his work. I’ve saved it for you if you will get me your mailing address. Much love, Harriett (of the hair)

  2. Hi Ashley Ann,
    We haven’t met yet but I am a minister in Greensboro… I am friends with Grier and Lynn… I lost my mom to cancer 20 yrs ago next week.. I really appreciated you blue Christmas liturgies to share with those grieving at this time of year. I look forward to meeting you soon. Dolly

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